Do You Deliver? Features That You Need to Include on Your Restaurant’s Website

A proper website is the lifeblood of any restaurant. If people can’t order from you online, many just won’t order at all. Not only is it easier for the customer, being able to digitally track your delivery orders and the factors associated with them also takes a lot of weight off your shoulders. That said, there’s usually still room for improvement. That’s why it’s absolutely necessary for you to include these features on your restaurant’s website for better deliveries.

Order Tracking

Order tracking is a simple but effective way to make the wait for a delivery that much easier. Having a feature that generates the estimated wait time and shows you where an order is in terms of acceptance, cooking, and being out for delivery streamlines the process on your part and keeps customers from desperately wondering when their food is supposed to get there. Being able to quickly and easily switch between these options can also be helpful to keep cooks and drivers on track, as well.

Address Verification

Having address verification requirements when ordering is a major safety requirement in the delivery business. Ensuring the accuracy of addresses is crucial for actually managing to get your food where it needs to go. Knowing you can actually deliver your product to your customer brings peace of mind to everyone involved, which can be aided by auto prompting deliverable addresses. Refusing to deliver to an address that isn’t verified also keeps your drivers safe as none of them will be going out to the middle of nowhere to drop off a pizza someplace no one has heard of.

Social Media Integration

Integrating your social media accounts to your main restaurant is a great way to improve engagement and interaction with your customers. It also boosts your SEO, making your restaurant website show up near the top of the page when people are looking for something to eat. Marketing on social media can be a great benefit for growing your business and getting people in the door (or on the homepage), especially when your restaurant is new or just on the smaller side of things.

Many of your customers prefer to have the option of online ordering. Online ordering is a hassle-free way for both customers and restaurants to get food where it needs to go during busy times, and it can help you draw even with (if not ahead of) your competitors. To help that process along, try implementing these important features to your website today to make it more convenient for customers.

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