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Brand Awareness, Engagement, Top of Mind

Our social media marketing services are designed to grow brand awareness, create engagement and be on top of mind of your guests. We help your business establish trust and build relationships with potential diners and drive traffic through the doors.


  • Grow the local awareness of restaurant
  • Increase social referred traffic to restaurant website
  • Quick delivery and redeems of restaurant offers and promotions
  • Boost to organic Google rankings from social signals
  • Effective communication channel with customers


Increase your brand’s online presence on social platforms and drive more visits.



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52-week Marketing Playbook

We create a customized marketing playbook for the restaurant for each of the 52-weeks of the entire year. This drives the marketing on social media platforms as part of an effective multi-channel marketing plan.

NGAZE Marketing Platform

Our NGAZE marketing platform is designed for the busy restauranteur - you can manage your social media promotions across multiple social platforms efficiently in addition to email and mobile. Learn more about NAGAZE »

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Social Media Scheduling

We help your restaurant stay on top of customers mind with consistent daily posting on social platforms that encourages sharing and customer interaction with current active promotions.

Need help with your restaurant social media marketing?

Ask about our 52-week marketing playbook and multi-channel campaign management.


Frequently asked questions

👍 Why do restaurants need social media?

A lot of your customers are spending a lot of their time on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. If you want to reach your customers and engage with them to be on top of their mind when it comes time for dining choices, it is paramount for restaurant to have a social media presence.

👍 How do I market my restaurant on social media?

To effectively market your restaurant on social media, you need to first create a social media marketing plan that includes setting you your restaurant on platform that makes the most sense for your concept and demographics. Next is building an audience through organic methods or pay-per-click. Once you have a good sized audience, consistent posting of relevant content and regular engagement with customers is the key to social media success.

👍 Which social media platforms should my restaurant be on?

The top 3 social media platform a restaurant should be on is Facebook, Instagram (owned by Facebook) and Twitter. Other platforms like Snapchat, and even LinkedIn can be considered depending on your concept and demographics.

👍 How do I promote my restaurant on facebook?

Being effective in promoting your restaurant on facebook requires a consistent strategy of sharing content that creates engagement. Find the best time for posting your content to maximize engagement. With organic reach going down, you will need to run Facebook ads to grow your audience first to a level before you can create the engagement.

👍 How do I market my restaurant on Instagram?

The key to marketing your restaurant on Instagram platform is consistency, images and video. You have to consistently post on Instagram. Engage with your followers using images and video of your food, ambiance and events at your restaurant. Find out what is resonating with your customers and share more of that. Invite engagement and sharing. Finally, you can leverage Instagram ads for promoting special offers for your restaurant.