Restaurant Marketing Training Series – May 2020

It is unfortunate that ~40% of restaurants have closed doors with many of them never to reopen again. The Digital Restaurant team is actively working with restaurants not just to help them stay in business but thrive in online sales. Not a single restaurant we are working with has closed doors! In this exclusive 4-part training sessions, we share exactly how we helped restaurants pivot, survive and thrive during this crisis. We teach strategies on what your restaurant needs to do exactly step by step to build your sales back up.

▸ Topic 1: Case study: How one restaurant grew their online sales 1389% during the COVID crisis. What they did to pivot successfully that you can too!
▸ Topic 2: Optimizing your online sales and marketing engine for your restaurant.
▸ Topic 3: The 3 must-have offers and promotions your restaurant needs to have.
▸ Topic 4: Enabling your most effective marketing channel in your multi-channel strategy. Summary of knowledge gained.

Available 6/1/2020