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We help independent and small-chain restaurants and pizzerias sell more pizza.


Other web design companies tell you they need 3 months for a website, for The Digital Restaurant team it took 5 days.. we are very happy with the way they produce outcomes.. we highly recommend their services to anyone.. it gets done quick, that is the bottomline. In this business, you do not want to wait 3-4 months.. it will cost you a lot of money.. the technology needs to be there sooner to get the traffic to the website and the business - Tony Bueno, GM


The Digital Marketing Platform

The Founders

The Digital Restaurant was founded by Mano Behera, an entrepreneur and digital strategist. Mano is an ex-McDonalds technology strategist, where he oversaw global technology investments and strategy for all McDonalds restaurants worldwide.

Mano has years of experience in the food service industry and with a passion for helping restaurants succeed leveraging digital technologies. Mano is currently the CEO of The Digital Restaurant. Contact Mano at

Your Success - Guaranteed!

For world class digital marketing solutions and consulting that are guaranteed, more restaurant owners are choosing The Digital Restaurant over any other digital marketing firm period. We are the only firm of our kind that works laterally with our clients every step of the way to ensure their needs are met while upholding our high standards of professional excellence.

If you want to be a market leader in your region with the proven sales to back it up, let The Digital Restaurant show you what we can do for your business today. Have questions? Get in touch with us.