#1 Restaurants Marketing Technology: NGAZE AI

NGAZE AI marketing software is designed for the busy operator to plan and execute successful restaurant promotions to boost sales - discover the power of #1 restaurant marketing software that delivers amazing results on an easy-to-use, integrated, multi-channel marketing technology platform.


NGAZE builds brand awareness for your restaurant to stay competitive, attract, engage and drive new and repeat guest visits.


NGAZE grows your restaurant's local visibility on search engines, social media, and online channels through consistent outreach.


NGAZE keeps your restaurant on top of your guests' mind to maximize the chances of choosing your location when looking for dining choices.

Marketing Dashboard: Tracking Performance

How well is my marketing performing right now? That crucial question is answered by NGAZE's easy-to-read analytics dashboard that is simple yet powerful.


Keep close track of how your customers are interacting and sharing the experiences you create for them as a brand. A strong customer engagement strategy will foster brand growth and loyalty. NGAZE Dashboard helps you see your engagement metrics on social, email and mobile channels.


For restaurants to expand their businesses, they must attract new consumers. How effectively is your restaurant's marketing bringing in new customers? The NGAZE Dashboard provides you with information on the effectiveness of your client acquisition strategy across all digital channels.


What matters most to the business is whether online visitors turn into foot traffic at your doors. Are the marketing initiatives generating responses from potential customers to deals and promotions? The NGAZE Dashboard offers real-time order tracking and other conversion information.

Integrated Marketing Technology: All-In-One AI Software

NGAZE combines AI technology and services - it is fully managed and has everything a restaurant needs to increase sales. NGAZE is continually growing to incorporate cutting-edge AI technologies that fuel the restaurant's expansion.

Develop a distinctive identity for your restaurant and increase brand awareness across social media platforms, email, and mobile. Send messages automatically from a single all-in-one restaurant marketing software. Reach thousands of diners with personalized messages without adding time to your workday. View detailed reports to learn how diners responded and how to optimize your future marketing campaigns.

Simply, the most versatile AI marketing technology for restaurants!


  • Discover An Ideal Marketing Mix
  • Execute Offers & Promotions Strategy
  • Drive Online Sales Growth
  • Boost Holiday Catering Sales
  • Enhance Your Restaurant Reputation
  • Keep Diners Coming Back For More
Restaurant marketing platform view
Restaurant marketing platform tablet view


  • SEO-optimized Websites
  • Online Ordering
  • Online Reservations
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA) & Mobile Apps
  • Feedback Tablets
  • Digital Loyalty Rewards Program


  • 52-Week Marketing Playbook
  • Social, Email & Mobile Campaign Scheduling
  • Offers and Promotions Marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • Local Marketing
  • PPC Advertising Management
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NGAZE gateway


Marketing AI Software + Dedicated Marketing Team

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52-Week Marketing Playbook

Effective marketing planning for the whole year

  • Pro-active planning for marketable days
  • Consistency in promotions each month
  • Eliminate the stress from rushed-up promotions
  • One-view of marketing focus for the team
  • Efficient marketing keeps you ahead of the competition

Multi-Channel Marketing

Higher ROI targeting multiple marketing channels

  • Realize over 36% more effective promotions
  • Easy social, email, mobile campaign management
  • One platform to executive campaigns
  • Plan, executive and track campaigns at one spot
  • Save time
ngaze playbook1
ngaze social

Social Media Marketing

Consistent social media scheduling for each week

  • Facebook, Twitter & Instagram scheduling
  • See follower engagement
  • In-built media gallery
  • Easy scheduling from 52-week playbook

Email Marketing

Engaging email campaigns delivered consistently

  • Custom-branded email templates
  • User-friendly email composing
  • In-built media gallery
  • Save time with easy scheduling
  • Cost-effective list management
ngaze email
ngaze push

Mobile Marketing

Instant mobile messaging for maximum impact

  • Mobile and web push messaging
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA) & Mobile Apps
  • Easy scheduling from52-week playbook
  • Track campaign open and click-through rates

Reviews Management

Online reviews and reputation management 
  • Track your Average Score
  • Monitor your +ve ratings Streak
  • See and respond to reviews at one place
  • Actively build your restaurant reputation
ngaze reviews

Local Marketing

Manage business listings for your restaurant
  • Manage your business listings across directories
  • Improve your restaurant official listing
  • Grow your business local visibility

Loyalty Rewards

Custom loyalty rewards to drive repeat business 
  • Custom designed loyalty rewards program
  • Email and mobile remarketing
  • Tablet and mobile rewards program
  • Integrated to online ordering
  • Grow customer loyalty and repeat visits
rewards program tablet
Restaurant marketing platform view

Marketing University

Learn digital marketing and technology trends for restaurants 
  • Training videos
  • Download checklists and resources
  • Access to webinars
  • Keep up-to-date with technology and marketing trends

Team Support

Dedicated team supporting the restaurant
  • Priority email support
  • 48-hour turnaround time on support issues
  • Dedicated account manager for every Growth Marketing client
NGAZE team

NGAZE AI Delivers Consistent Growth Marketing Results For Operators!


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NGAZE marketing platform is enabling independent and small-chain restaurants and pizzerias around the world succeed. You could be NEXT.

Frequently asked questions

What is restaurant marketing software?

Restaurant marketing software refers to tools that help restaurants successfully plan, execute and track marketing campaigns to their target market segments and bring customers and sales for the restaurant. Restaurants can benefit from restaurant marketing software by helping them run efficient marketing campaigns all year around.
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Why multi-channel marketing is important for restaurants?

Multi-channel restaurant marketing takes advantage of multiple communication channels, such as social media, email, mobile, direct mail, text messaging and more to expand a marketing campaign's reach and create a stronger impression with their audience.
Learn more about how to make your restaurant marketing more effective through multi-channel marketing »

What is a multi-channel marketing strategy for restaurants?

A multi-channel marketing strategy is executing a marketing campaign across multiple marketing channels, thus maximizing opportunities to reach and impact prospective customers for the restaurant. The goal of multi-channel marketing strategy is to maximize the effectiveness of a marketing campaign in terms of reach, click-thru and conversion.
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What is the best restaurant marketing software?

NGAZE restaurant marketing software is the best software platform for restaurants and pizzerias. Built for busy restaurateur, NGAZE is an integrated all-in-one marketing solution combining technology assets and marketing services. It is fully managed and has everything a restaurant needs to increase sales.
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How do I market my restaurant?

Build a 52-week marketing playbook for your restaurant. The playbook should have a marketing calendar, relevant marketing offers and the targeted channels for multi-channel marketing campaigns. Execute the marketing campaigns, track and monitor the performance and optimize it accordingly.
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What is digital marketing software for restaurants?

Digital marketing is the marketing of the restaurant on digital channels such as social media, email, mobile, display ads, search engines, local directories and other digital medium. Digital marketing software enables a restaurant to effectively market their business on digital medium.
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What is a marketing channel?

A marketing channel is a medium through which business can reach their customers. They can be digital such as social media, email, mobile, pay-per-click advertising or traditional such as print, direct mail and other mediums.
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What are the best marketing channels for restaurants?

The best marketing channel for your restaurant depends on your customer demographics based on your local area and restaurant concept. Social media, email and mobile are the most popular digital marketing channels that are outperforming traditional marketing channels such as print, direct mail, TV and billboard advertising.
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What is the most effective marketing strategy for restaurants?

The most effective marketing strategy for restaurant is a multi-channel marketing strategy involving social, email and mobile.
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What are the best marketing ideas for restaurants?

The best marketing ideas are to create relevant offers and promotion for each segment of the business, dine-in, carry-out & delivery and catering segments, and using a multi-channel approach to effectively reach your target audiences.
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