Here’s how NGAZE marketing platform works

NGAZE marketing platform provides you a 52-week marketing playbook to run effective social, email and mobile promotions - plus smart strategies to grow sales and build guest loyalty.


The 52-week Marketing Playbook gets you started with a restaurant marketing plan for the entire year. Our digital experts can perform a swot analysis to identify growth opportunities in specific business segments for your restaurant.


Our NGAZE restaurant marketing software and suite of digital solutions are designed specifically for the busy restauranteurs, leveraging innovative technologies to solve marketing challenges for the restaurant.


Run your Social, Email and Mobile marketing campaigns from the 52-week Marketing Playbook with ease. Track and optimize omnichannel campaigns efficiently from our unified Marketing Dashboard.

Restaurant Marketing Software + Professional Marketing Service


Marketing Software built for restaurants, based on requirements from restaurateurs.

Marketing Team dedicated to solving critical restaurant marketing challenges.

Cost-Effective restaurant marketing by eliminating redundant services and in-house marketing staff salaries.


Trusted by happy customers

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..we wanted to have a website for our restaurant.. two prior guys (digital agencies) did not deliver for almost 6 months last year.. The Digital Restaurant team had the website up in 48 hours, just before the busy Christmas holidays as per our expectations.

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Nabby’s Mike Vittulo, Owner

We effectively have a two-way communication channel with our customers. Our guests are highly engaged and our email list is growing though our integrated marketing program.

Braconis website
Braconi’s Resturant & Pizzeria Bill Paus, Owner

Other web design agencies tell you they need 3 months for a website,  for The Digital Restaurant web design team it only took 5 days.. it gets done quick, that is the bottomline

Delicia Mexican website
Delicia Mexican Restaurant Tony Bueno, Manager

In our 1st meeting, The Digital Restaurant team advised us of significant savings by simply consolidating existing marketing services from multiple vendors. In less than 2 weeks, we cut our marketing spend by over 50%, eliminated non-performing print ads and increased our online orders.

La Tosca website
La Tosca Restaurant Russ Gazzano, Owner

We are helping independent restaurants and pizzerias around the world succeed. You could be NEXT.

General FAQs

How do you market a restaurant?

Marketing your restaurant starts with creating a well-defined marketing plan for your business. Take the assistance of a restaurant marketing expert to help you develop a plan that aligns with your goals and budget. With a plan in place, it is time to think of executing the plan and tracking progress against the set marketing goals.

How do you create a marketing plan for a restaurant?

Start with a brainstorming session with the main stakeholders in your restaurant that includes owners, partners, chef, managers and key employees. Discuss your goals and determine when you want your brand to be short, medium and long-term. Perform a SWOT analysis and capture the outcomes in a restaurant marketing plan. It is effective to have a restaurant marketing expert facilitate the process.

What does a restaurant marketing agency do?

An experienced restaurant marketing agency is competent to develop the right strategy for your restaurant, create a marketing plan and execute the plan to realize the marketing outcomes that aligns with the goals of the brand.

Why do restaurants need digital marketing?

Restaurants absolutely need digital marketing to thrive in a competitive local marketplace. It is one of the critical elements to determining the success of the business. Using digital marketing strategies, restaurants can attract new customers, engage with existing customers and drive repeat visits and guest loyalty.

How can I promote my restaurant business?

You can promote your restaurant business using a multi-channel strategy, that means reaching your customers through social media marketing, email marketing and mobile marketing. In addition to marketing channels managing and growing your reputation is a key marketing activity that drives business.