How to Get Customers to Try a New Menu Item

It can be difficult trying to get people to branch out and try a new product. As much as we say we love adventure, human beings crave consistency. However, here are a couple of ways that you can encourage your customers to try something new.

Emphasize the Benefits

First of all, why should anyone branch out or challenge routine if the current regime or product is working great for them? In your case, it is because your new menu item is unique, fashionable, and better than the old one—or is it? Before advertising your new menu item, make sure you develop your new item’s story. What makes it so unique? What makes it so much better?

Then, take that story and advertise it! Make certain that you emphasize the item’s benefits and what makes it so much better than the last rendition or other menu items. Showcase it in as many ways possible.

Persistent Advertising

After developing your new item’s story, you will want to persistently advertise. It typically takes 7 to 20 times for a message to stick with a potential customer. This means that you need to broaden your marketing strategies.

You can do this using good ol’ fashion advertising, such as billboards, ads in magazines, or banners outside your location. Furthermore, you will want to develop your online platform and advertise using virtual tactics, such as on social media accounts, your website, or television commercials. Only after you consistently advertise will your new menu item catch customers’ eyes.


Have you ever eyed a new menu item with curiosity, but went against purchasing it because it wasn’t ‘worth the risk’? This is a common conundrum for customers. They are so accustomed to what they are used to, it is difficult to find the motivation to try something new—especially at a cost. So, why not provide your customers with a ‘low risk’ way of trying out your new item? Provide samples or coupons to allow your customers the chance to try your menu item without fear of disappointment. That way, they will be more confident in purchasing something new.

It can be tricky getting customers to try new things. It is instinctual for the human race to fear the unknown. However, if you implement these marketing tips, you will be able to familiarize your customers with the new menu item and offer a low risk opportunity for them to give it a try!

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