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Why Choose A Restaurant SEO Agency?

If your restaurant is not ranking for high-value local search keywords, your competitor is!

The "Google It" culture is a way of life today. Over 70% clicks of potential customer traffic on Google searches go to results on first page. For every restaurant that ranks on the top of search results, there is an exceptionally high return on investment and a significant loss of income potential that do not rank.

92% of your potential customers are searching for restaurants online
72% of online searches visit a local restaurant within a 5-mile radius
“Restaurants near me” is the top searched keyword in food industry

A professional digital marketing agency with "Restaurant SEO Expertise" can make sure that your restaurant website ranks #1 on relevant keywords and beats the online competition.

Does SEO Really Work For Restaurants?

Absolutely! Nine times out of ten, people google before deciding where to eat. What if they don't see you online? An advanced restaurant SEO service is not a one-time event, but rather a continuous effort to keep your website outranking your competition.

SEO guarantees:

(A) Locals Easily Discover Your Brand

A simple search term can get your website in front of thousands of people in your area. Not only can this bring you new customers, local customers tend to become regulars, and later on ambassadors of your brand through word of mouth. All of this without spending a dime on ads.

(B) Rank And Stay On Top

If you want to get and maintain a high ranking, without competition stealing your top spot, then an active SEO plan is a must.

Restaurant seo agency experts are good at matching what your customers is looking for with your website. This means with proper SEO your website can attract an audience that has high intent to order food from your website or to reserve a table. A robust SEO strategy ensures your website dominates the most popular searches so your website can funnel in customers through your restaurant doors.

(C) Be A Step Ahead Of Competition

As more restaurant websites compete for online dominance, ranking on Google has become increasingly difficult. Just having a beautiful website won’t cut through the competition. By keeping up with Google's changing SEO algorithm, your website can always be ahead of the curve.

PRO TIP: Getting the restaurant website to appear on search first page for "valuable" keywords should be a top priority to drive new business.

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If you answered YES to any of the questions above, you need a restaurant seo agency that you can partner with for the long term. We can be that success partner.


When it comes to SEO, our dedicated restaurant SEO experts go beyond the basics; we offer a tried-and-true advanced SEO process for your restaurants that gets consistent results.

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High-Value Keyword Mining

Mining "high-value" keywords is our process of deep understanding of the business model, demographics, short-term & long-term goals and discovering the "juicy" keywords. These keywords that your website can rank for are the most popular search terms used by hungry customers. Do you want to rank for “best pizza in town” or “restaurants near me”?

That is why every restaurant's SEO strategy is unique even within the same general concept.

Sizing The Competition

We peak into how your competition’s website is doing and stay ahead of the curve by doing it better. With our in-depth competition analysis you get access to how much market share your competitors have and how to position your restaurant website to overtake them.

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Keyword Targeting

Pretty words don’t count if they don’t bring in traffic. We make sure that every page in your website ranks for the right keywords. You wouldn’t want a potential client going to the contact us page when they should have gone to the order online page right?

We make it simple for your customers to find exactly what they’re looking for by strategically placing keywords in their rightful pages.

Boosting Website SEO Score

Google's stringent ranking standards (Core Web Vitals) demand that your website be user-friendly, quick to load, and secure for visitors. A poor on-page score will eliminate the possibility of a high ranking.

Our experts keep an eye on your website's Core Web Vitals SEO score and keep it up to date so that you don't drop in the rankings.

Expanding Website’s Domain Authority

Off-page optimization is a key part of building your website's authority and is an important part of search engine optimization. Google wants to see that other websites and social media platforms are linking to your site. When you have more recognition, you rank higher. We give you a clear plan so that you know where to begin.

Dominate Local Searches

Local listings are crucial for acquiring local customers. With a properly optimized local website, you will not only rank locally, but that you also outrank your neighbors. Our restaurant seo service team optimizes both your website and local listings for higher rankings.

Mobile-First Design Priority

More than 70% to 80% of restaurant searches come from mobile users. Users are quick to leave a website that is difficult to navigate on their mobile phones. We have adopted a mobile-first approach to web design and use the most up-to-date frameworks to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly.

Content Writing

We understand the power of powerful and memorable content for your brand. Our experts have a deep understanding of copy that converts. We provide content for not just your social media,but for your emails and website so your words inspire action.

SEO Analytics

Google provides powerful data through their numerous platforms eg. Google Analytics and Search Console, but it can be time consuming to monitor these platforms separately.  Our NGAZE platform ensures you get access to all of your insights in one place, saving you hours.

Monthly Reporting

We believe in concise and relevant reports that show you performance metrics you need. Our team shares reports on a monthly basis so you stay up to speed with what’s been working for you website and make better informed decisions for your growth strategies.

Speaking of growth, here is a comprehensive guide on how you can growth hack your way to the top with concrete proven strategies. Click to view » Growth Hacking For Restaurants

To rank #1 means taking a full on active approach. Our advanced SEO process not only helps you rank but it ensures you stay ranking ahead of your competition.

Here's what our clients are saying

The Digital Restaurant delivers effective digital marketing services that continue to achieve satisfying results, which enables ongoing collaboration. The team provides industry expertise and produces monthly SEO reports regularly to ensure transparency. They seek feedback frequently to improve their performance.


mike nabbys
Mike Vitullo Nabby's Restaurant, Partner

We effectively have a two-way communication channel with our customers. Our guests are highly engaged and our customer email database is growing though our integrated growth marketing program run by The Digital Restaurant team.

Braconis website
Braconi’s Restaurant & Pizzeria Bill Paus, Owner

In our 1st meeting, The Digital Restaurant team advised us of significant savings by simply consolidating existing marketing services from multiple vendors. In less than 2 weeks, we cut our marketing spend by over 50%, eliminated non-performing print ads and increased our online orders.

La Tosca website
La Tosca Restaurant Russ Gazzano, Owner

Choose A Marketing Package


SEO companies that provide affordable SEO packages (typically offshore, based in India) perform basic and generic keyword optimization without any comprehensive SEO strategy. Since it offers questionable benefits to restaurants, we DO NOT offer this level of service.

If you still want this, google "affordable SEO service" to find one for as little as $49 per month.


Our Restaurant SEO specialist executes the 10-step "Advanced SEO Program" for your restaurant. A customized SEO strategy is developed based on digital SEO audit findings. The 10-step SEO process guarantees consistent results for the business.

Advanced SEO package drives measurable results for restaurants - this is our specialized expertise that comes from restaurant focus.


A comprehensive marketing package for "revenue growth" in dine-in, delivery and catering segments. Onboarding includes digital audit with SWOT analysis, digital marketing strategy and 52-week marketing playbook.

The dedicated account manager manages SEO marketing as well as multi-channel promotional campaigns (social, email, and mobile). Monthly reports and calls keep track of progress.

Select a service package that meets your restaurant's needs, and lets discuss next steps to get your project started.

Frequently asked questions

Is SEO still relevant in 2022?

Yes! more than ever. How many restaurants in the neighborhood compete with yours? The competition is even more intense online. Their website is fighting for the top spot in Google search. If you approach SEO passively, other restaurants will get the traffic that would have otherwise gone to you.

Do I need SEO as an established restaurant?

Yes. SEO is not a one-time deployment strategy due of the fierce rivalry to appear on Google's top page. A website's ranking can fluctuate from day to day. Hiring experts that can keep your website responsive to SEO requirements is essential for maintaining a good ranking.

How long does a new website take to rank on Google?

Your website can begin ranking right away with the correct local SEO strategy. Of course, it will take time to establish authority, but if your website is set up to rank for nearby searches, you may start attracting hungry clients as soon as it goes up.

How do I get my restaurant on top of Google search?

You'll require a tried-and-true SEO strategy that optimizes your restaurant website for search engines while also gradually building up its authority. To learn more, see our Restaurant On-Page SEO Checklist.
Restaurant SEO Checklist For 2022

How do restaurants do SEO?

Restaurant perform SEO through optimizing their websites with popular keywords that customers use to find them. SInce a lot of restaurants compete for these popular search terms, a comprehensive SEO tactic usually is employed where website health is monitored, local listings are optimized and website usabilty is enhanced inorder to be the best among the best.

Does SEO work for restaurants?

Absolutely! The rewards of ranking first on Google is that your website will receive the highest website visits and more brand awareness. It also means an increase in foot traffic to your restaurant as your restaurant’s business profile, reviews and directions to your location will appear.

Do restaurants need SEO?

Restaurant SEO is critical need for any restaurant that wants to boost their online visibilty and grow their business Getting Google to rank your site means you enjoy organic traffic to your site, which can translate to an online order or a reservation. As you grow your SEO score this could lead to high ROI as more and more customers find you organically on Google without you spending a cent on ads.

How do I find restaurant keywords?

Restaurant SEO agencies identify attractive high volume keywords through the use of SEO tools such as Ubbersuggest, Semruh and Moz. These tools are able to show you which popular keywords your website can rank for and even identify your competitors keywords too.

How do I get more traffic to my restaurant?

There are two ways to get traffic to your website, organically or inorganically. Organically is when you use SEO, where you optimize your website to be discovered by local customers and to rank for popular transactional keywords. Inorganically is through the use of paid advertising, using Google ads and Social media ads to drive traffic to your website.

How is your service different from the $49/$99/$149 advertised on google?

You get what you pay for. Any of the cheap SEO services lack a comprehensive seo strategy and are often keyword optimization services for a set number of keywords that you must supply yourself. They also frequently use backlinks from questionable websites that may do more harm than good.