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Get a beautiful website design for your restaurant

Work with our talented web design team to launch a beautiful and functional restaurant website design - the foundation to your restaurant's digital success. Improve online visibility, traffic and sales growth.

✅ ATTRACT online visitors with a strong presence on web search engines.

✅ ENGAGE website visitors with your food and brand story.

✅ CONVERT website visitors to online orders and dine-in guests.


Beautiful Design With Marketing Essential Features

restaurant website branding

1. Restaurant Branding

The restaurant website needs to visually represent the location with the same consistent branding for your customers. We create your restaurant's branding guideline.

Our competitors use website builders or standard WordPress theme templates. We custom design! Our design team designs your restaurant website per your restaurant's branding guideline. Your website is unique and will feature beautiful menus, photo galleries, social media integration, and a beautiful custom design.

2. Mobile-Responsive Design

Your restaurant website is designed to work perfectly for your customers, no matter what device they use. With 2 out of 3 customers using mobile devices to access the restaurant online, the design and functionality are optimized for the easiest user experience.

An easy to use website leads directly to an uptick in online orders and reservations instead of customers abandoning to call the phone instead or worse yet choose someone else.

website seo
website seo

3. Mobile Progressive Web App (PWA)

With every restaurant website, we build a Progressive Web App (PWA) for your mobile users to visit your website, place online orders, rewards check and other functions with ease.

With changing user habits, PWA's offer the most effective mobile experience for restaurant guests compared to native mobile apps. No need to visit app store, your customers simply visit the restaurant URL on mobile to get the PWA installed. That simple!

4. Fast Loading, SEO Optimized

With recent Google updates, fast loading of the website is must for higher search rankings. We design website code that is light-weight, yet feature rich.

Customers are googling for restaurants, cuisine or food you offer. The website is the 'primary' online presence for the restaurant, we ensure it gets found! We perform keyword analysis and optimize your restaurant website to improve the online presence and visibility on search engines.


website seo
website seo
website seo

5. Local Visibility

We make it easy for your customers to find your restaurant locally. 1 in 3 mobile searches are local. After looking up a local business on their smartphones, 61% of users called the business — and 59% of those people walked through the door.

We ensure your restaurant website is found on Google maps and various local directories.

7. Structured Markup

In addition to the benefit of structured markup data helping search engines better understand your restaurant website content, which in turn helps them rank in search results - structured markup helps your online visitors get answers to their common questions about your business, you food and services you offer. It is really powerful!

Most of our competitors do not either understand this technology or do not have the expertise to implement. Our NGAZE marketing software helps generates this custom code with a few clicks for our web developers to install. Super-power your restaurant website.

website seo
website seo

7. Social Media Integration

To build your restaurant's brand we make sure your social profiles look great and are found by people searching for a restaurant like yours.

Social media engagement is critical for staying top-of-mind of your guests!

website seo

8. GDPR-Compliant Email Marketing

Build your GDPR-compliant customer email database right from your restaurant website. No need to purchase email lists or use 3rd party email marketing services.

We make it easy to send beautiful email newsletters from our NGAZE marketing platform and see email marketing reports on the marketing dashboard.

website seo
website seo

9. Mobile Marketing

We make it easy for you to build a mobile push subscribers database right from your restaurant website. This innovative new push technology is enabled on the restaurant desktop website (in addition to mobile app) by installing custom code on restaurant website by our web developers.

With just a few clicks you can send instant messaging campaigns and see reports on the NGAZE marketing dashboard.

10. Online Ordering

No need of 3rd party online ordering services with high fees, when you can have your own zero-commissions online ordering right on your website and mobile PWA app.

Our restaurant website design integrates it seamlessly. Add-on online ordering service required.

Receive online orders direct to the kitchen with POS integration, manage online orders, get tablet notifications and accept credit card payment from customers.

  • Website Integrated Ordering
  • Facebook Ordering
  • Mobile Ordering
  • Accept Credit Card Payments
  • Advance Ordering
  • Coupons
  • Feedback Management
  • Cross Selling
  • Easy Repeat Ordering
  • Order Management
  • POS Integration
  • Email / SMS Order Confirmation
  • Delivery Area Settings
website seo
secure hosting

11. Secure Hosting + SSL

We don’t just build your website and send you on your way; we take care of all the back-end technical stuff too. We provide secure hosting, SSL certificate and scheduled maintenance for your restaurant website to ensure your restaurant is up and running with minimal downtime, so you never have to stress.

12. Accurate Information

We provide scheduled monthly website maintenance to ensure menu, business information and promotions are up-to-date online. Most "self-managed" restaurant websites are not "effective" as the information is not kept updated, losing out on online traffic and potential customers.

Our support team ensures that information on restaurant website is 100% correct and updated for the business.

website seo


In addition to a beautiful designed and marketing enabled website, you will have access to the NGAZE marketing dashboard to track how your restaurant website and marketing are performing real-time. Explore the power of easy-to-use, integrated marketing solution that comes with every restaurant website designed by our team.

website seo

Get a new restaurant website for just $195?


  • Restaurant Branding
  • Mobile-Responsive Website
  • Progressive Web App (PWA)
  • SEO optimized
  • Local Directory Listings
  • Structured Markup Data
  • Social Media Integration
  • Email Newsletter Sign-up
  • Mobile Marketing Enabled
  • Online Ordering Integration
  • Secured Hosting & SSL
  • Monthly Updates

Add-ons: Online Ordering, Online Reservations, Website Accessibility (ADA Compliant), Google 360 Video, Multi-channel marketing campaigns(Social, Email, Mobile)


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Frequently asked questions

🖥️ What a restaurant website should have?

In addition to a beautiful design, the restaurant website must have the essential marketing features to be functional. The restaurant website should help attract new customers, engage with customers and help drive business through the doors. We build functional restaurant websites that have the 12 must have features.

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🖥️ What is included in $195 per month?

We develop a fully-featured and functional website with a beautiful design for your restaurant. It includes the 12 must-have features to make the website marketing enabled and effective for your business. It includes (1) Restaurant Branding (2) Mobile-Responsive Website, n(3) Progressive Web App (PWA), (4) SEO optimized, (5) Local Directory Listings, (6) Structured Markup Data, (7) Social Media Integration, (8) Email Newsletter Sign-up, (9) Mobile Marketing Enabled, (10) Online Ordering Integration, (11) Secured Hosting & SSL, and (12) Monthly Updates.

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🖥️ Do you have any contract?

Our web developers put in upfront time and efforts to design and fast go-live, we ask for a 12 month contract to cover the costs. Additionally, we have no set up fee.

🖥️ Do I own my restaurant website domain and customer data?

Yes, your website domain, customer emails, images and files are your digital assets and you own them.

🖥️ Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel anytime after the contract period. If you want to cancel early, we ask for the rest of the pending month payment in full.

🖥️ What monthly updates do you do?

Towards end of each month, our dedicated account manager asks you for any new updates and promotions for next month. Based on this updates, out web developers refresh the website and have it ready for the new month.

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🖥️ Is online ordering included?

We include online ordering integration within our website design package. Our web developer integrate your existing online ordering provided by your pos or other existing online ordering that you currently have. We can assist you with setting up online ordering and pos integration (optional) as an add-on package.

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🖥️ Do I need to purchase my own hosting?

No, we provide you with dedicated premium hosting with SSL certificate with our web design package.n

🖥️ Can I update my website?

Of course you can! But we make it easy for you, simply email the updates to and our team gets the updates done for you.

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🖥️ How can I see how my website is working?

You have access to the NGAZE marketing dashboard where you can login and easily see all the website performance metrics. Also, you dedicated account manager provides you with monthly reports.

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