Is Groupon Marketing The Right Strategy For Your Restaurant?

groupon marketing strategy

That is a good question – Is Groupon marketing the right strategy for my business?

When you think about all of the restaurant marketing and advertising that you do, doesn’t it seem overwhelming at times trying to reach everyone in your local market and show them what your restaurant has to offer?

It can be a challenge to balance digital marketing with your daily business and if you are not careful, it could be disastrous for your business.

Does Groupon Marketing Strategy Fit?

There are many tools available to today’s restaurateurs that offer them the ability to touch their local community without putting in too much effort. Many of them offer a great ROI while some others, if not used wisely, could end up hurting your brand.

One such form of digital marketing and a popular one is Groupon, the nationwide daily deals website where potential customers are introduced to your restaurant and given the opportunity to dine there at a reduced price. With Groupon, you set the special, how many special offers are available and what geographic location you want to reach.

Knowing whether Groupon is right for your business or not depends on many variables: brand, average guest bill, food margins and other factors. Groupon is a good way to get your brand out to the consumers, but it does have some pros and cons.


Could Groupon Hurt Sales?

Firstly, if you use Groupon improperly, you could end up hurting your brand and causing your customer base to dwindle. Everyone loves to save money, but when your customers come to expect the savings all of the time and you don’t offer them, they may complain and go somewhere else.

Remember, you want to grow your business, not give away freebies all day.


Groupon marketing strategy

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The Right Groupon Marketing Strategy

The key to growing your business while offering daily deals, is to have a strategy where you can convert your Groupon customers into repeat customers. You need to structure the deal so that the customers get a taste of what you have to offer and want to come back for more and pay full price when they do.

Knowing how to use digital marketing and digital advertising to your advantage can be challenging and having the right training can make all the difference in the world.


Now your turn..

Have you run a Groupon campaign before for your business? How did it perform for your business? We would like to hear from you. Please use the comment section below to provide your feedback.