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Local Citations For Restaurants to Create Today

Local Citations For Restaurants to Create Today

Have you ever searched for restaurants in your area and got annoyed that your own restaurant isn’t showing up. It could be because your restaurant doesn’t have enough citations. If you’re looking to improve your restaurant’s local SEO authority with more and better quality citations, you’ve come to the right place.

What Are Restaurant Citations?

Citations are effectively listings of businesses on websites. They typically include your restaurant’s name, address, phone number, and URL. They are typically business directories but they don’t have to be. Review websites, such as Yelp, are also common and as are more specialist websites.

Why Build Restaurant Citations?

Citations are absolutely crucial if you want to rank well in local Google searches. Google uses all of the websites listed below in order to find out more about your business and calculate where your restaurant should rank in searches. The more websites your restaurant’s information is found on and the more consistent that information is, the more local SEO authority Google will give you and the higher you should rank in theory.

Citations can also encourage customers to visit your restaurant without using Google. Many customers will use some of the leading directories listed below to look for restaurants near them, If your restaurant’s profile is filled out properly and complete with alluring images, there’s every chance that consumers will choose your restaurant to eat at. The more high-quality websites your restaurant is listed on, the better your chances of generating higher footfall.

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All the Local Citations for Restaurants in One Place

Below you’ll find links to over 40 citations that every restaurant should have.

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Need Help Building or Updating Local Citations for Your Restaurant?

You can use the list above to build excellent citations for your restaurant, or you can let The Digital Restaurant do all the hard work for you. Few restaurant owners or managers have time in their busy schedule to carry out the laborious and boring task of adding their business details to nearly 50 websites. Yet it is essential to do so if you want good local rankings. That’s why savvy business owners leverage our Local SEO service and restaurant marketing platform to have us do the dirty work. Ranking in local search isn’t something that can be left to chance or put on the backburner. Take the first step to better local rankings and more traffic by booking a consultation with our team today.