TDR social media for restaurants 2019

Why Choose A Social Media Marketing Agency For Restaurants?

Brand Awareness, Engagement, Top of Mind

Our social media marketing services are designed to grow brand awareness, create engagement and be on top of mind of your guests. We help restaurants establish trust and build relationships with potential diners and drive traffic through the doors. Our social media marketing tools for restaurants will help you build your digital footprint.

Is Social Media Management Required For Restaurants?

If website is the restaurant's primary "online presence", social media is the main "customer communication" channel.

Without a clear and consistent social media engagement strategy, restaurants run the danger of alienating customers and falling off the public's mind. An experienced social media marketing agency can help you:

  • Raise local awareness of the restaurant
  • Increase social referred traffic to restaurant website
  • Deliver restaurant specials and promotions and increase redeems
  • Boost organic Google SEO rankings from social signals
  • Communicate effectively with customers

Increase your brand’s online presence on social platforms and drive more visits.


Restaurant Social Media Marketing

Our Work: Restaurant Promotions

Buena Vida Gastolounge: Rooftop Opening Announcement (** Awareness & Local Reach Campaign **)

518 Donuts: Half-Off Every Tuesday and Thursday (** Popular Promotion **)

DAgostinos Pizza: 20% Off Thursday Special (** Weekday Boost Promotion **)

TTT: Weekday Promotions (** Popular **)

Tuscany Italian Bistro: Lunch specials starting at $6.99(** Weekday Boost Promotion **)

Firo Pizza: $5 Cheese Pizza - Availaible All Day (** Popular Promotion **)

Rosati's Pizza: 10% Off Sunday Diner Special (** Popular Promotion **)

Dang Banh Mi & Poke: Happy Hour Every Tuesday (** Popular Promotion **)

Palermo Pizza: Party-Pak Deal for Groups (** Popular Promotion **)

TTT: Weekday Promotions (** Popular **)

TTT: Weekday Promotions (** Popular **)

TTT: Weekday Promotions (** Popular **)

Here’s what our clients are saying

If you own restaurants and want to increase your digital presence, net sales, and revenue, The Digital Restaurant is a great resource to grow your business.

Steven Schiffman Marketing Director - Street Guys Hospitality

The Digital Restaurant has transformed our online presence in so many ways. From our website design, online ordering, email marketing, and social media engagement, The Digital Restaurant covers it all. They ensure that any task you have in the digital aspect is covered and completed. We’ve been using The Digital Restaurant now for 5 years and have seen nothing but an increase in our business. They truly know what it takes.

Vincent Distasio Manager - Baldinelli Pizza, Hinsdale, IL

We did our homework by researching different companies to help us with our website. The Digital Restaurant has been “our secret weapon” that not only developed our website but also set us far apart from our competition. They are very professional, reliable, quick to respond and very pleasant to work with. Kudos to Erandi. She is always full of ideas, making appropriate suggestions on what would convert better for our customers. I highly recommend👌

Anamaria Salbego Manager - D'Agostinos Pizza, Chicago, IL

The Digital Restaurant delivers effective digital marketing services that continue to achieve satisfying results, which enables ongoing collaboration. The team provides industry expertise and produces monthly SEO reports regularly to ensure transparency. They seek feedback frequently to improve their performance.


mike nabbys
Mike Vitullo Nabby's Restaurant, Partner

We effectively have a two-way communication channel with our customers. Our guests are highly engaged and our customer email database is growing though our integrated growth marketing program run by The Digital Restaurant team.

Braconis website
Braconi’s Restaurant & Pizzeria Bill Paus, Owner

Other web design agencies tell you they need 3 months minimum for a website,  for The Digital Restaurant web design team it only took 3 weeks.. it gets done quick, that is the bottomline

Delicia Mexican website
Delicia Mexican Restaurant Tony Bueno, Manager

In our 1st meeting, The Digital Restaurant team advised us of significant savings by simply consolidating existing marketing services from multiple vendors. In less than 2 weeks, we cut our marketing spend by over 50%, eliminated non-performing print ads and increased our online orders.

La Tosca website
La Tosca Restaurant Russ Gazzano, Owner

..we wanted to have a website for our restaurant.. two prior guys (digital agencies) did not deliver for almost 6 months last year.. The Digital Restaurant team had the website up in less than 3 weeks, just before the busy Christmas holidays as per our expectations.

mike nabbys
Mike Vittulo Owner - Nabby's Restaurant


Our team of committed restaurant social media managers go above and beyond when it comes to social media marketing; we provide a tried-and-true, systematic "10-Step Restaurant SMM" process that generates the ideal guest engagement and online conversion results. Explore our process:

restaurant social media marketing

Research, Audit & Targeting

Our experts conduct research on the most effective social media platforms for customer engagement and business communications specifically for your restaurant. A 360-degree digital audit identifies marketing opportunities for business growth that may be taken advantage of.  A deeper understanding of target audience demographics helps optimize targeting on social media platforms.

Customized Marketing Plan: 52-Week Marketing Playbook

Nothing takes more time than coming up with content ideas and creatives. We'll handle it. For each of our restaurant clients, we design a personalized marketing playbook for each of the 52 weeks of the year.

With a good understanding of your business, our experts create a customized "Marketing Plan" for your restaurant that includes a 52-week marketing playbook for consistent customer engagement and revenue growth opportunities all year round.

restaurant social media marketing
restaurant social media marketing

Offers & Promotions: Growth Strategy

63% of diners say discounts and promotions play a significant factor when considering restaurant ordering options - our vast experience working with restaurants enables us to develop "smart offers" that works.

Promotions go beyond discounts; we design the ideal offers to draw in new clients and encourage repeat visits.

Engaging Graphics: Content Creation

Our talented designers create eye-catching graphics to get the attention on social media platforms and create a memorable and positive brand experience.

The identity, tone, and overall quality of your business are reflected in the images and words you use on social media, you simply cannot afford to get these elements wrong - our content creators makes sure of that.

restaurant social media marketing
restaurant social media marketing

Social Media Scheduling: Consistent Posting

Social media platform by its very nature is fast-paced, therefore information is quickly getting out of date. Regular posting is a must have rather than an option anymore. If you don't post for a few weeks, it's doubtful that your audience will read it often enough to keep your brand in their minds. We maintain your social media presence by posting new content frequently.

With a full and well-thought-out 52-week marketing calendar, you can stay consistent with your posts. Your brand will never run out of high-quality content that will attract the right customers to your restaurant.

Team Collaboration: NGAZE Platform

Managing social media assets can be a time-consuming chore; but, with NGAZE, you will experience seemless collaborative workflows, avoid communication mistakes, and substantially boost productivity. Enjoy greater control over assets and data, as well as higher productivity and quality output.

NGAZE software enables scheduling posts in advance and its approval workflow guarantees that you have access to all of the data you require. Your social profiles are always updated with the most recent content available thanks to our social media managers.

Social Media Analytics: Optimization

We analyze the insights and metrics for your social media accounts in detail to assess your social media performance at the highest level. This enables better social media marketing decisions for your restaurant to focus and scale on the platforms that are working.

Data is the secret to better performance, and our NGAZE platform provides in-depth social media analytics.

Dedicated Manager: Monthly Review

Receive monthly updates from your "dedicated" marketing manager, stay up to speed on the performance of your marketing campaigns, share ideas and promos for updated content.

Your dedicated marketing manager has the industry knowledge and creative insight needed for the growth of your brand in the restaurant industry.

Professional Support

Our social media specialists do more than just keep an eye on your online presence. You get expert assistance that will enable you to complete your overall objectives. Get full, expert assistance with everything, including campaign and content ideas. We bring your original ideas to reality.

Social Media Ads: Accelerate Reach

By using pay-per-click social media ads, we increase organic reach on social media platforms even more. Ask us for our case studies today to see how we've used social media ads to successfully re-launch brands (after covid) and new location opening.

Choose A Marketing Package


Digital marketing companies that provide affordable social media packages perform post scheduling with content that is provided by you. They lack a comprehensive social media strategy. Since it offers limited benefits to restaurants, we DO NOT offer this level of service.

If you still want this basic service, google "cheap social media marketing" to find one for as little as $98 per month.


Our restaurant social media specialist executes the 10-step "Professional Restaurant SMM" program for your restaurant. A customized social media strategy is developed based on digital audit findings. The 10-step SMM process guarantees consistent results for the business.

Professional SMM package drives measurable results for restaurants - this is our specialized expertise that comes from restaurant focus.


A comprehensive marketing package for "revenue growth" in dine-in, delivery and catering segments. Onboarding includes digital audit with SWOT analysis, digital marketing strategy and 52-week marketing playbook.

The dedicated account manager manages overall marketing as well as multi-channel promotional campaigns (social, email, and mobile). Monthly reports and calls keep track of progress.

Select a service package that meets your restaurant's needs, and lets discuss next steps to get your project started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do restaurants need social media?

Absolutely, social media enables you to be at the top of your customers' minds; it is a communication tool that enables you to not only share valuable info about your business but also receive valuable customer feedback. According to studies, client spending increased by 40% or more for restaurant brands that engaged actively with their social media following.

How do I market my restaurant on social media?

By posting information that piques the interest of their consumers, such as competitions, discounts, promotions, and useful and relatable content, restaurants can promote themselves on social media. To reach a wider audience in your area faster, you can sponsor your posts and run Facebook and Instagram advertisements.

Which social media platform is best for restaurants?

Every restaurant is different, so there isn't one social media platform that will be effective for them all. Restaurants targeting younger audiences could need to concentrate more on Instagram and Tik Tok, while those targeting older audiences might need to concentrate more on Facebook. However, it is crucial to test each platform and monitor your analytics to determine which one brings in the most revenue for your business.

How much do restaurants pay for social media?

The price of social media services varies greatly, depending on social media expertise, ranging from as little as $10 per hour to more than $150 per hour. It is critical for restaurant owners to be able to analyze their social media process and avoid hiring pricey inexperienced social media managers. A social media agency must demonstrate its process and how it has aided other restaurants, along with real data. Check out the "Our work" sections on this page as example.

How often should restaurants post on social media?

It doesn't matter how frequently you post; what matters is how relevant your postings are. Quality is always preferred than quantity in addition to consistency. Sharing of dull content will not lead to results. However, publishing high-quality content that your followers will reply to only a few times per week will have a much greater impact on your branding.

How do I promote my restaurant on Facebook?

Understanding your audience and what they respond to on social media is the first step in promoting your restaurant. Don't make the mistake of distributing content without first determining what type of content your customers prefer. You can promote your restaurant in two ways: through organic posts on your Facebook page and through paid Facebook ads. If you don't already have a Facebook audience, paid ads can help you quickly build one as long as your content remains relevant to your audience.

Do Facebook ads work for restaurants?

Yes! Facebook ads are a very powerful tool for restaurants. You can accelerate your social media growth and boost foot traffic to your restaurants by running ads targeting potential customers in your local area.

What should I post on my restaurant's Facebook page?

Here’s a list of posts that customers usually respond to: - Discounts and promotions. - The event’s happening in your restaurants. - Loyalty programs that help the save. - Reviews from other diners. - Behind-the-scenes posts of how their food is made.
For more ideas check > 10 Best Ideas For Restaurant Social Media Campaigns

How do I advertise my restaurant on Instagram?

Instagram advertising can be done in two ways. The straightforward method is to boost a high-performing post, story, or video. A more advanced method would be to use Facebook ads manager to create paid ad campaigns that target a specific demographic and have a specific objective.

How do you make a good Facebook ad?

Unlike a generic ad, an effective ad demands more design and strategy skills. Using Facebook ads manager allows you to produce a great ad since it is more precise and allows you to test and learn what works for better results, something that general-purpose ads cannot do. This is why restaurant marketing services agencies are excellent for increasing your ad ROI.

What is the strategy that your marketing agency uses for social media?

We recognize that each restaurant is unique, which is why we design bespoke and customized solutions for each of our clients. Our full digital audit guarantees that we understand where you are in your marketing efforts and which social media platforms will deliver the best and most cost-effective outcomes.

How do you announce the opening of a new restaurant?

Paid advertisements are one of the most successful strategies to attract a large number of consumers to your business. Because your location is new, paid ads allow you to reach more people and create brand recognition. If you combine that with an attractive launch promotion or discount and start running ads a few weeks before the restaurant opens, you'll have no trouble getting people to come in the first week. We've used this successful strategy for many of our clients that were expanding or opening in new locations.. Ask us how we can do the same for you.