restaurant mobile app


Custom-branded, integrated all-in-one app

Beautifully designed and custom-branded for the restaurant. Functionally integrates mobile ordering, digital loyalty, table reservations and social sharing into one restaurant app


  • Boost online sales through mobile ordering
  • Customer rewards through digital loyalty
  • Encourage social sharing through mobile
  • Increase repeat visits though push messaging


Attract millennials to your restaurant with a functional mobile app.



One Restaurant App

One mobile app for restaurant menu, food images, mobile ordering, digital loyalty, social sharing and table reservations. Custom-designed and 100% branded for the restaurant.


Integrated Services

Mobile app integrates online ordering, POS integration and printing online orders directly to kitchen. Loyalty program integrated to the app. Table reservations integrated.


Easy Adoption

Cost-effective, easy adoption and highly effective in driving mobile traffic to the restaurant through orders, reservations and repeat loyal customers.


Need a mobile app for your restaurant?

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