Benefits of  SMS / MMS Marketing

Instant reach and higher engagement with your mobile customers, enabling restaurants to create brand awareness and increase revenue all while lowering customer acquisition cost. Now with video marketing!

Times seen instantly by mobile device users
Average response time on mobile

Higher engagement than email and social

It’s never been more critical to connect with guests

Now is the time to upgrade your restaurant marketing to mobile messaging - to engage instantly with your guests, boost sales and drive repeat visits.

When to use SMS?

  • Text limited to 160 characters
  • Ideal for offers, coupons and event reminders
  • Conversion focused

When to use MMS?

  • Text upto 6,000 characters
  • Richer content with images and videos
  • Engagement focus, in addition to conversion.

Want To See How MMS With Video Works - Try Now!

Instantly receive a sample MMS message with a short restaurant promotional video. Input your mobile number with country prefix, complete the verification and click on "Send MMS Now" button.

Need help with your restaurant SMS/MMS marketing?

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What is the difference between a SMS and MMS?

The big difference is SMS is limited to 160 characters per message while MMS allows to send longer content and multimedia like images, audio and video files. Both are sent over a cellular network.

Is SMS / MMS marketing effective for restaurants?

Both SMS and MMS provide instant reach and higher engagement with your mobile customers compared to social media and email, proving to be an effective marketing channel for restaurants.

What is the best time to send a SMS / MMS marketing campaign?

The optimal time for restaurants to send an SMS / MMS marketing campaign is between 12:00 noon and 3:00 pm in the afternoon weekdays and weekends.

What is the cost of SMS / MMS marketing?

Both SMS and MMS are very cost-effective compared to other digital marketing channels. SMS / MMS marketing start from as low as $29 and $99 per month respectively for 1K subscribers.