Boost Your Local SEO With These 3 Smart Moves

Search engine optimization has gone from a service that was a website development add-on to the foundation of an online marketing plan. SEO is how your site and other digital assets get found online when a user inputs related keywords into a search engine. Local SEO is a more targeted version. If you have only one location or more that are concentrated in certain areas or regions and your target audience is the surrounding neighborhood, local SEO delivers the best results. For a restaurant business, competition is stiff.  Here are three smart ways to see a boost in your SEO.

List Your Restaurant in Local Directories

A smart way to boost your local SEO for your restaurant is to submit your information to local directories. Whether it is the directories found in the online version of your area’s newspaper or the typical online directories like Yelp, the White Pages and Google, you want your restaurant to be listed on as many as possible. If a potential client inputs “pizza” into a search engine, it assumes they are searching for a pizza place near them. Based on GPS, the results will show the nearest locations as well as the top-rated. To list your restaurant, create an account with Google, input the information in the required fields, add some pictures, and include your menu. Then, submit. You may be asked to verify you are authorized to make the submission, so be sure to complete any follow-up requests. 

Join Your Local Chamber of Commerce

Committees are an important part of any chamber of commerce because they offer vital services to businesses in the community. These services can include networking with other local businesses that can give your new business a shout out. Networking boils down to forming business partnerships that create win-win situations. If they give you a shout out, you are encouraged to return the favor. Ideally, both customer bases will benefit from the partnership of services.

Use Social Media

The staying power of social media has been incredible. According to Podium, 79% of Americans have a social media profile of some kind. Whether it has another five years left in it, or 20, leverage social media’s power in your favor. You can announce specials, appearances, and food truck locations. Plus, feedback is instant.

To boost your local SEO, use social media, join the local chamber of commerce and submit your information to the local directories. You will not only see an increase in your SEO, but also likely gain more business from your target audience.

Doing all of this can be tough on your own, which is why The Digital Restaurant is here to help! Let our experts help your local SEO grow to where you want it to be.