How the Metaverse will Change the Restaurant Industry

Technology is ever-evolving and pushing boundaries towards progress in areas of our everyday lives. From NFT’s, blockchains, and cryptocurrency there are so many exciting developments happening in the world today. There is so much to speak on with the latest tech news but in this article, we will be focusing on the metaverse. 

As technology is changing, industries and how we market them are bound to change as well. Though these are still the early stages of this new development, as restaurant owners and marketers it is crucial to stay in-the-know with these advancements. 


What is the Metaverse?

According to Mashable, the metaverse is “an online reality that combines social networking, online gaming, cryptocurrency, and much more.” The metaverse is a version of the internet that supports online 3D virtual environments through virtual reality and augmented reality headsets. 

Within the metaverse, users can virtually interact with their environment and other players. They can also purchase merchandise in-game, such as clothing, accessories, to personalize the experience. Beyond this, the metaverse also transforms to a digital economy as well, in which users can create, buy and sell goods.


Why should restaurant marketers care about the metaverse?

The metaverse is created to be the future of e-commerce, gaming, building interpersonal relationships and so much more. The metaverse provides an opportunity for restaurant marketers and owners to reach their audiences on a whole new level, and in a new dimension. This space expands the digital footprint of customers and provides a whole new insight into their actions and behaviors, also the hypothetical possibilities are endless. 


How the metaverse will change the restaurant industry

In light of a global pandemic, it became a challenge to meet and interact with people face-to-face. With the metaverse, restaurants will be able to reach more guests that might not always be able to show up in person. 


Metaverse events and pop ups

After the pandemic, virtual events and pop ups became increasingly popular. The metaverse opens the gates to limitless experiences to connect with your audience. 



This past Halloween, Chipotle took their marketing to the metaverse.The chain offered a free “boorito” to visiting customers dressed in Halloween costumes at their virtual restaurant on Roblox. Restaurants can test promotions and loyalty programs, and experiment ways to meet guests where they’re at.


Increased Customer Access and Experience 

In the virtual world, restaurants can create hospitality experiences for customers. The metaverse can gamify experiences with their favorite dishes and give a new perspective to restaurants. 


As technology continues to evolve and the metaverse progresses, it is imperative that restaurateurs and marketers stay up to date with these virtual, immersive advancements and all the opportunities that can unlock before them. To stay up to date on the latest news in the restaurant industry, subscribe to our newsletter at The Digital Restaurant.