The beginner’s guide to restaurant digital marketing

A beginner’s guide to restaurant digital marketing

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Twenty years ago, the only “marketing” that restaurateurs had to do was to list their restaurant in their town’s yellow pages and push delivery menus through the door. Unfortunately, that just won’t cut it in the 21st century. In today’s world, restaurant owners need to harness the power of digital if they want their restaurant […]

Digital marketing success

Understanding Business Capabilities Key to Restaurant Marketing Success

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It’s called restaurant capability mapping and it helps restaurant owners understand their own restaurant’s capabilities and how they can successfully integrate specific activities into their operations such as online ordering, home delivery, loyalty programs and more. An accurate inventory of a restaurant’s capabilities will enable the restaurant management team to move forward with whatever business goals they are trying to achieve. From daily operations, growing the restaurant business as a brand or transforming the restaurant to keep it current and in line with competitors, restaurant capability mapping is just as important a tool to a restaurant as their equipment, POS software or staff for that matter.