Run-Grow-Transform Framework For Restaurant Success

Run-Grow-Transform the Restaurant

It doesn’t matter if you just opened your restaurant or you have been in business for many years, one thing that we recommend is an assessment using the Run-Grow-Transform (RGT) Framework for the Restaurant.

This RGT framework helps to identify opportunities within your restaurant that can help the business excel and become successful. This also provides a basis for making investment and resource decisions aligned with business goals and priorities.

Any good restaurant marketing plan should include the outputs from the assessment using the Run-Grow-Transform Framework. That should be the basis for a to-do list of sorts that is designed to make the necessary changes in as little time as possible.

In each of these areas of business, run, grow and transform, there are specific challenges that must be faced:

Running the Business

This includes the daily operations of the business and the changes that can be made in-house by management and staff. The first issue to address is to make the restaurant a great place to work; when your staff is happy, your guests will be happy and that will make you happy. It makes sense doesn’t it?

Some other things that you can do to impact the daily operations of your business are:

  • Improve food quality by making sure it meets the health department’s standards of quality and food safety.
  • Reduce waste through better planning and by forecasting business demand.
  • Safety issues that concern your restaurant include food safety, PCI compliance and building security and these should all be addressed accordingly.
  • Knowing whether your customers are satisfied or not by spotting signs of dissatisfaction among your guests and do what you can to change it. The less unsatisfied guests you have, the better off your restaurant will be.


Growing the Business

There are many ways for you to grow your business and they should all be a part of your restaurant business plan if you want to remain successful and continue to grow. To grow your business effectively, you need to remember the following rules:

  • Attract more foot traffic
  • Increase guest counts
  • Increase the average bill

Acting on these three rules will bring you immediate results and you can even tie these into your digital marketing campaign using innovative measures.


Transforming the Business

To remain competitive in the restaurant industry, you have to adapt to the changes and transform your business to stay relevant. Today’s diners have a wide array of restaurants to choose from, you need to make yours stand out. Doing this can be a challenge, but if you take the time to understand what your restaurant really needs, you can transform it and keep your guests coming back.

Here are some ways that you can transform your restaurant today and see some noticeable improvements:

  • Know what your strong points are and utilize them to optimize your business.
  • Know your competition and capitalize on their weak points. This will make your restaurant seem like an improvement to their former guests.
  • Know your own weak points and fix them.
  • Know your target audience. When you know what your customers’ needs are, you can reach them better and gain their business.

By taking the Run-Grow-Transform approach to your business, you can become more successful and remain a mainstay in your market niche that will entice your customers to visit your business again and again.


Now your turn..

What is your focus of your business currently? Is it running the business efficiently or growing your sales or planning a major transformation? Where and how do you make a decision to invest your time, funds and efforts in your business?

We would like to know your thoughts. Please use the comment section below to provide your feedback.