How to Create a Positive Image of Your Restaurant

Due to COVID-19, there is no denying that restaurants are struggling to stay afloat. As social distancing measures have increased, the use of online ordering and 3rd party apps like GrubHub and DoorDash has increased too. To keep up with your competitors, it is more important than ever for restaurants to create the most positive image possible for their establishments. Here are three ways to enhance your restaurant’s image and attract customers to your business.

Keep Your Physical Location Clean

Customers may not be stopping by your physical location to do anything more than pick up a carryout order, but that doesn’t mean you can neglect your physical location. What will you do when social distancing measures are lifted and people start dining in again? Since money is tight, now isn’t the greatest time for a remodel, but it is a good time to do a deep-clean. Not keeping your restaurant clean can bring negative consequences, including a damaged reputation and potential health code violations. In other words, if you neglect the cleanliness of your restaurant’s dine-in area, you could still end up going under.

Be Community-Oriented

People feel better when they spend their money in places that they know are doing good. To that end, make sure your restaurant is as community-oriented as possible. There are many ways to do this. You can donate to community fundraisers, and get involved in community efforts that deal with hunger. Now is a great time to donate funds to pandemic relief efforts. At the very least, you should join your Chamber of Commerce. Whatever you do, remember that there are natural business advantages to companies that get involved in their community. There is a good chance that you gain many customers as a result.

Hit The Right Note On Social Media

Social media can be great when it comes to building your image and reputation, especially now that your customers are spending more time than ever on it. However, you have to use social media the right way, and make sure you are using the right platform. Typically, restaurants see more success with image-oriented services than professional ones. This means you are more likely to see a positive benefit by using networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, rather than LinkedIn. Furthermore, you can use social media to highlight other aspects of your business, like your staff or community involvement.

When it comes to most businesses, image is everything – and this is even more true for restaurants. As such, you have to do whatever you can to create a positive image. It takes time and effort, but investing your time in the above three tactics can dramatically help your business grow.

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