Business Capability Assessment for Restaurants

Business Capability Assessment

What is  a Business Capability Assessment? And more importantly, when and why do I need one for my restaurant?

A Business Capability defines the business’s capacity to successfully perform a unique business activity such as taking orders via the web,  home delivery, loyalty program, etc for a restaurant.

Capabilities are the building blocks of the business that represent stable business functions. They are unique and independent from each other and are abstracted from the organizational model.

The restaurant business is a very competitive space., they compete for customers, market share and revenue. In this competitive space, employing tactics that are aligned to the goals and having a clear focus on those strategies puts a competitive edge for the restaurant.

Those businesses that have a good understanding of their own capabilities have advantages when it comes to developing and employing strategy.


Business Capability Assessment

Strategic capability is the business’ ability to successfully employ competitive strategies to survive and grow in the marketplace. While strategic capability does take into account the strategies a business uses, it focuses on the organization’s assets, resources and market position, projecting how well it will be able to employ strategies in the future.

For example, let us say you are considering employing mobile ordering and payment capability for your restaurant. It is important that the order integration to POS be considered for seamless operation.

Whether you are trying to run the restaurant, grow the restaurant business or transform the business, having an accurate inventory of the restaurant capabilities aids in the strategic decision-making process in each of these areas.

The output of the capability assessment is the Restaurant Capability Map. This contains the current state inventory of restaurant technologies and capabilities, identification of current challenges and scaling capacity for the restaurant. This serves as the blueprint for your business in business decision-making.

The Restaurant Capability Map is a must have for the restaurant owner and the marketing agency for the restaurant.

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